The following products are available in bulk by the yard.

Stone Dust
A screened aggregate used for leveling interlock pavers and stone
Concrete Sand
A highly permeable aggregate, often used as a base beneath interlock applications
A compactable aggregate used for the base of driveways, walkways and patios
5/8" Washed Concrete Stone
A compactable aggregate that binds well and often used for driveways
3/4" Washed Stone
Generally used for driveways and bases
P Stone (coloured & natural)
A small rounded stone used primarily for drainage, but can also be used as
a groundcover
River Rock
1-3" colourful pieces often used in water features or as a border
Beach Stone
1-3” pastel coloured pieces often used in water features or as a border
O Stone
3-6” stone often used as stone mulch/accent areas in garden applications
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The following products are available in bags and in bulk by the yard 

Crushed Brick
An angular 1” stone made from crushed brick, terra cotta in colour
Red Lava
Light in weight and red in colour
Black Lava
1/2"-1 1/2" light weight, black too medium grey lava rock
Marble Chips
An angular 1-2” white Canadian marble stone with sparkle
Midnight Granite
A dark too medium grey angular granite stone with lines of white and some sparkle
Slate Scape
Pieces of slate, dark too medium grey in colour
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