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This free service is offered to those with small scale softscaping projects looking to meet with a Garden Center Representative for plant material ideas and recommendations.


We ask that you bring the following detailed information to the Garden Centre so that we can most effectively assist you:

  • photos covering the full site area(s) 

  • measurements of the existing and proposed area(s)

  • the orientation of the property = sun/shade conditions

  • are there grading and or drainage issues needing to be addressed? 

  • are there underground or overhead utilities in the area we need to be aware of? septic, gas, hydro etc.

  • what is the content of your subsoil – clay, sand, sandy loam, peat, gravel? 



This service is offered for the individuals looking to meet with a designer to discuss their landscaping needs. During the appointment, the designer will discuss your property needs and assist you in setting your goals. This includes discussion of layout including planting areas, plant materials and general ideas for placement of pathways, patios, pools, decks, covered structures etc.

The Consultation Fee of $65-$85.00 is paid to the Landscape Designer prior to the time of the appointment.

After your appointment, the Landscape Designer will arrange for the development of a FREE COST ESTIMATE that will be provided to you at no additional charge.


This is a scaled hand or computer rendered, aerial view drawing of the yard and areas discussed.

If hardscaping is something you are interested in, you will most likely require a Landscape Master Plan. Master Plans enable you to visualize your plans for larger projects and to help you better understand how the final product will look.

The price of the Master Plan is reflective on the scope of work and level of detail involved in a project. This fee is in addition to the cost of your initial Landscape Design Consultation and will be provided to you by the Landscape Designer after your initial consultation.

In addition to the Landscape Master Plan, each design package includes a complete Plant List and Cost Estimate outlining project description, items and pricing. All originals of plans will remain the property of Gold Coast Landscaping Inc.

If the client chooses to proceed with Gold Coast Landscaping to complete the construction and full installation of the proposed Landscape Design, the Design Fee will be reimbursed to them at the time of final billing.






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