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Hardy Hydrangea Now In Full Bloom at GCL

Our hydrangea's are out in bloom and are one of our most favourite flowering shrubs!

If you are looking for a shrub that blooms all summer - hydrangea’s are what you need to bring a flash of colour into your garden, they begin blooming when the warm summer weather arrives, and continue all season, often generously extending into fall.

Gold Coast carry's numerous variety's of hydrangea - in all different shapes and colours. oPutting coffee grounds or nails in the ground near your hydrangeas will not help them change color- good try! However, we carry a soil acidifier that lowers your PH to give you the colour your looking for.

Tips for success: -Moist well-drained soil type -For best flowers plant in area with 4 hours of sun (typically they are known to be more of a shade-loving plant but each type of hydrangea has there own requirement) -Hydrangeas have a shallow root system so its important to keep there toes wet (mulch is a great source of nurtients and holds moisture)

See this video from for more tips on picking, planting and taking care of your hydrangea to ensure best results!

At GCL, we offer many different varieties of Hydrangea's, here is a closer look at some of our best sellers:

Annabelle - Annabelle' is perhaps the most popular old-fashioned flowering shrub grown in North American gardens. Once established, it produces enormous pure white flowers, much larger than others of the species - 12-inch, globe-shaped flowerheads of snowy white

Incrediball - these stunning flowers are more than a foot long and perfectly round on the Incrediball hydrangea! The blooms open a very pale shade of green to cream, maturing to pure white.

Bobo - This dwarf Hydrangea is an undeniable asset for any garden, especially those with limited space. Reaching a height of 2½-3' and a width of 3-4', Bobo covers itself with large white blooms in summer, and take on a pinkish blush in fall. They appear so abundantly, you can barely see the leaves!

Endless Summer - This hydrangea grows massive 8- to 10-inch flower clusters when the weather warms up in summer, and blooms pink or blue, depending on your soil pH (acid for blue blooms, alkaline for pink)

Wedding Gown - Wedding Gown hydrangea offers clear, pure white flowers, with a lacecap form and a centre that fills in as well. With an outer ring of large double flowers and smaller double rings of flowers in the centre, the effect of this flower ends up resembling a mini bridal bouquet. Flowering begins earlier than other varieties, and continues on new growth into fall if spent blooms are removed regularly. 'Wedding Gown' is hardy, stays compact, and prefers light shade. It may also be known as ‘Dancing Snow.’

Limelight - This unique hydrangea offers huge, football-shaped flowers that open in an elegant pale green that looks fresh and clean in summer's heat. The blooms age in shades of pink, red, and burgundy which continues on through frost for months of irresistible flowers.

Little Lime - Little lime is a new dwarf form of the Limelight Hydrangea. Little Lime offers the same great flower, but in a smaller package. Attractive green summer flowers that turn pink in the fall.

Stop in to GCL for a closer look at all of our hydrangea varieties, or to learn more from our nursery specialists!

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