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It's all about the vines!

There's nothing like a vine trailing up a wall, trellis or mailbox to give it that little extra personality, and add a unique aesthetic to your landscape.

GCL offer's a variety of different vine's to choose from that can help add that pop of colour to an otherwise blank space.

Here is a highlight on some of our most popular vines in stock:


Clematis is super easy to grow, and provides great colour with large flowers - making it a winner in our eyes! The vines grow tall, with a long bloom time, and require minimal effort.

'Multi Blue' Clematis (which we currently have in stock) produces 4" - 5" long-lasting blue flowers with thistle-like centres and soft pointed petals. It blooms in early summer and then again in late summer or early fall.

Plant 'Multi Blue' Clematis against an arbor, trellis or fence for it to climb upon, or allow it to ramble up a shrub or down a bank.

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing hydrangeas feature large, fragrant clusters of white flowers that bloom in late spring and summer against dark green, heart-shaped foliage. These massive vines climb columns, trees, and other supporting structures. A climbing hydrangea plant grows up to 80 feet tall!

It's important to have a supporting structure in place when growing a climbing hydrangea, as the large, heavy vines twine themselves around the structure and require substantial support; without this, the plant will take on more of a wide, shrub appearance.

Hall's Honeysuckle

Hall's honeysuckle provides very fragrant, sweetly scented yellow flowers against a bright green vine with oval leaves. The honeysuckle bloom from May to frost, followed by black berries in the fall accompanied by purple foliage and climbs as high as 20-30 feet!

A part shade lover, the Hall's Honeysuckle is best grown in well-drained soils, and will tolerate full sun. This plant is an ideal choice to help control erosion on banks and slopes.

Blue Moon Wisteria

A high-climbing vine (up to 25 feet), wisteria blooms up to three times in a season with large clusters of fragrant lilac or bluish-purple flowers, that grow best in full sun.

These flowers look spectacular hanging from a pergola, however this is a fast and aggressive growing vine, who will work their way into any small place it can reach, so it is recommended not to plant them near your home.

Drop in to GCL this weekend and take a look at our wide variety of flowering vines to help set your landscape apart, and take your garden to the next level!

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