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Spring Garden Clean Up Checklist

With May finally here, and the weather warming up - it's time to get outside and start our spring clean-up.

Here is a checklist, and tips and tricks to help you tackle these projects from our Garden Guru here at GCL!

Spring Garden Clean Up Checklist:

• Prune Shrubs

• Remove Winter Mulch • Pull Dead Annuals • Remove Dead Growth from Perennials

• Pull weeds

• Clean up Vegetable Garden, Add Manure • Edge Garden Beds

Prune Shrubs -

The only shrubs that you may prune at this time are the late blooming shrubs. For Example, Butterfly bushes, Rose of Sharon, Paniculata Hydrangea's, Dinner Plate Hibiscus Remove Winter Mulch -

As temperatures rise our perennials do not need that extra protection from the mulch.

Its time to remove the mulch and spread it around the flower bed.

Pull Out Dead Annuals from Previous Year -

Remove dead annuals and put them into your compost pile

Remove Dead Growth from Perennials -

Perennials mostly die back right to the ground, except for a few that stay green or that keep their colour. Eg. Coral Bells, Helleborus, Bergenia etc.

At this time you can trim all perennials back to ground level. Hardy perennial grasses about 10-12" above soil level, again this can be placed into your compost.

Pull Weeds -

You want to start the season with clean flower beds and this is a good time to clean up all those weeds that have been growing since last year. Again these weeds can be disposed off in the compost pile

Clean up Vegetable Garden -

Once your vegetable garden is free of weeds, it’s a great time to add your composted material from last year, and we would definitely recommend manure for your gardens to keep the fertility level high enough, so you can once again produce a nice crop of vegetables. The manure should be applied at a rate of 1 bag (18kg) to about 100 sq' (10'x10')of garden

Edge Your Garden -

There are many ways to edge your garden. Some people edge their garden with an edging stone, others will use the 5" plastic edging. Myself, I get out the spade and "Ditch Edge" this is a V shape trench that you create between your garden beds and the lawn. This ditch will later get filled with mulch.

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