The following products are available in bulk by the yard.

Screened Topsoil
The uppermost layer of soil filtered with an industrial screener. A fine soil rich in organic matter and microorganisms
Unscreened Topsoil
The uppermost layer of soil in its natural state, may contain natural debris such as twigs, stones and roots
Clean Fill
Soil includes natural materials that when buried will have no adverse effect on the environment such as clay, brick, concrete and rock. Used to level low areas and create berms
Triple Mix
Combines several natural sources of organic matter and nutrients to help amend soil. Used for transplanting and potting
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The following products are available in bags: 

Premium Herb & Veg Potting Soil
All Treat Premium Herb & Veg Potting Soil is a premium blend of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Coco Fibre, Composted Bark Fines, Peat Sedge and Leaf Compost.
Potting Soil
All purpose potting soil
Moisture Max
A potting mix made with coconut husk fiber formulated to maximize water retention. Used in outdoor hanging baskets and containers
3 Way Mix
A blend of peat sedge, compost and manure
Black Earth
An all purpose mixture of peat sedge and compost
Soil high in organic matter and enriched with compost. Revitalizes plant growth
Lawn Soil
Ideal for planting new lawns or for top dressing existing lawns. It contains slow release fertilizer 0.08-0.24-.08
Sheep Manure
A nutrient rich composted natural product that eliminates detrimental organisms and odours and contains 0.5-0.5-0.5 fertilizer
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